The interests and needs of the students are the basis of the curriculum. Our program is designed to allow children to develop and unfold as the unique persons they are. We create and encourage an environment that fosters curiosity, independence, and self-esteem.

Our Christian program recognizes that early childhood is the time of greatest physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.  Learning to say “thank you” in prayer is part of every school day. During our regular chapel time the children learn stories from the Bible and are taught the Lord’s Prayer.

Art, stories, and music are a part of each day, as are small group activities and motor development. The pre-kindergarten class stresses school readiness. Teacher-planned and supervised learning stations give the child a broad range of science, art, creative drama, pre-math, and pre-reading on sequential levels.

Developing a good self-image is important to the child. This image grows as he or she learns new skills, develops self-control, learns to assume responsibilities for choices, and works with others.

kids1You are welcome to observe the program by setting up an appointment. Please contact our Preschool Director at (925) 254-3429.


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